R. Kelly’s Alleged Sex Cult To Get A Lifetim...

R. Kelly’s Alleged Sex Cult To Get A Lifetime Documentary

R. Kelly’s alleged sex cult will be the subject of a Lifetime documentary.

R, Kelly has faced numerous sexual assault accusations over the past few years. One of the most notable accusations against him was that he was running a sex cult and brainwashing women to be slaves. Now Lifetime is doing a documentary investigating the claims.

According to TMZ, Tim Savage, the father of alleged victim Joycelyn Savage, is one of three families who will be involved in the documentary. Savage said Michelle Gardner and Angelo Clary, both relatives of alleged victims, will be giving their accounts of the alleged cult.

Lifetime reportedly also has an R. Kelly movie in the works, although no further details are known. Stay tuned for more information on the R. Kelly documentary.



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