Dave Chappelle Sued By Man Who Threw Banana Peel A...

Dave Chappelle Sued By Man Who Threw Banana Peel At Him

Dave Chappelle has been sued by a man who threw a banana peel at him.

Back in 2015, Christian Englander decided to defend his friend at a Dave Chappelle show in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His idea of defense was throwing a banana peel at the comedian.

Englander claims Chappelle’s bodyguard struck him twice while he was restrained. The incident resulted in Englander being charged for battery and making a public disturbance. Chappelle accused the man of racism because of his actions, Englander claims in his suit that his actions were not due to racism, that he was angered by a part of the comedian’s set.

Stay tuned for more information on Christian Englander’s suit against Dave Chappelle.




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