Playboi Carti Drops New Track ‘Switch It Up&...

Playboi Carti Drops New Track ‘Switch It Up’

Switch It Up’ sees Carti do more than ride the ‘Magnolia’ wave

Playboi Carti set himself up in a unique position when he first came up. He rarely released anything but that seemed to get him more fans if anything. The idea of Playboi Carti was almost intentionally ‘how much can I do if I do nothing?’ That idea seems to have died off lately with Carti amping up the releases. Since ‘Magnolia’ dropped it’s been clear that he’s got more going on than that one idea.
While ‘Magnolia’ has seen the most hype, ‘Switch It Up’ could easily dethrone it as the best of Carti so far. The track sticks to a familiar style but shows that he’s continued to polish what he does best. A slow, downbeat and treble heavy track. Listen above and let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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