D12’s Bizarre Obsesses Over Another Man̵...

D12’s Bizarre Obsesses Over Another Man’s Sexuality On Tyler The Creator Diss Track

Bizarre claims he invented shock value in hip hop on new track

Clinging to relevance like a barnacle, D12’s Bizarre took shots at Tyler, The Creator on a new track. The single comes in the wake of suggestions Tyler is coming out on his new record. Tyler the creator pissed off the D12 crew when he said Eminem’s ShadyXV compilation tape was ‘fucking ASS’. Not one to let it go, Bizarre waited three years before coming after Tyler. Last week he released the track ‘Dear Rob’, ‘Dear Tyler’ sees him take the same beat and almost the same structure.

He mentioned Tyler in ‘Dear Rob’ but furthered it on his latest track. He claims Tyler stole his style of shock value in his lyrics. While Bizarre can’t claim to have started shock rap, he’s still trying to. The track is filled with the standard poorly thought out gay insults you’d expect from someone pissed off that a gay guy might be better at what he does than he is.

Listen to the track above and let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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