Rick And Morty Announces Season 3 With Trailer Tea...

Rick And Morty Announces Season 3 With Trailer Teasing The Darkest Season Yet

“Welcome to the darkest year of our lives”

After a year and a half of a hiatus, Rick and Morty returned with a one off episode on April 1st. The episode fulfilled on a season 2 prediction that season 3 would release 18 months later. The excitement for the new episode was quickly undercut for fans. Realizing it wasn’t the first episode of a new season but an appetizer went down fine with some people. Other parts of the internet flipped out with the rage you only find in man children deprived of their cartoons.

Well bitch no more! Adult Swim uploaded a trailer for the third season of the show which promises to take alcoholic genius Rick Sanchez and his grandson on their darkest adventures yet. The trailer shows off a typically Rick and Morty style collection of scenes that make very little sense out of context. A Morty with a giant arm chocking a man in a bath. A giant version of Summer exploding from the family’s garage. The show returns to the adventure-every-episode formula that it started off with. A structure that seemed lost at the end of season two with Rick ending up in prison and was found again when Rick destroyed both the Council Of Ricks and the Intergalactic Government in one move.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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