Tyler The Creator Brings Out A$AP Rocky For His Re...

Tyler The Creator Brings Out A$AP Rocky For His Return To Music In ‘Who Dat Boy’

Tyler drops a new track with hints at an album

Last month saw the Tyler, The Creator hype reach it’s peak. Part of that was down to a hoax that had us more convinced than we’d like to admit. The rest was that all the signs pointed to it. He’d released new music around that time every two years and a lot more detailed in that post.

Last week the hype paid off and the conspiracy theorists kind of got vindicated. Tyler started uploading a daily countdown on Instagram and Twitter. THe countdown ended with the release of ‘Who Dat Boy’ a new track and video. The track sees Tyler take over a typically hard beat reminiscent of the high points of Cherry Bomb. The track features A$AP Rocky who pops up in the video too.

The video shows Tyler’s directorial vision at its clearest. The early Wes Anderson, Tatantino and David Cronenberg influences recede into the background for a video that looks most clearly like A Tyler, The Creator Picture. Who else makes a rap video that taps a Vincent Price flick halfway through?

Sticking to his style in other videos, Tyler ends the video splicing in another track. This is the clearest indication of more music to come but when that will happen remains to be seen. Check out the video above and let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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