Goeie Katoen Revel In The Art Of Suit Design For 2...

Goeie Katoen Revel In The Art Of Suit Design For 2018 Spring/Summer Collection

‘Fall From Grace’ collection finds the art in making suits

In an industry like fashion, the end project is usually all the customer sees. The specifics of making your clothing are often lost. Sometimes through intentional obscuring from a brand using sweatshops, sometimes the making of just has no part in the endgame look the brand want.
Like any good artist, Goeie Katoen see the art in making art. For their 2018 Spring and Summer collection, that’s the guiding light. Their suits take details you rarely see. Stitching patterns used as guides by tailors when making a suit are one of the strongest elements.

Head over to their instagram to check out more of the work. See below for pictures of the collection below.



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