Cypress Hill Fall Short Of The Line With Comeback ...

Cypress Hill Fall Short Of The Line With Comeback Track ‘Reefer Man’

Cypress Hill revive the old skool but fail to breathe life into it

It’s been a while since we saw anything substantial from Cypress Hill. They’re sound was a defining part of hip hop for a long time but, as happens, the music moved on without them. Now they’re back with a new track in the lead up to Elephants On Acid. ‘Reefer Man’ shows a Cypress Hill sticking true to their style for better or worse. B-Real loses some of his nasal sound but otherwise it’s almost indistinguishable from their early work. Unfortunately, there is a notable fall in quality. The production comes off a lot flatter and lyrically the content doesn’t seem to have progressed beyond their sound back in the day.

A video for a track about weed consisting of green lit faces and smoke just feels dated. Hopefully there’s still something to pick up, ‘Reefer Man ‘ is definitely a track aimed at bringing back the old fans so its understandable stylistically. Whether their next tracks will see any growth is debatable.

Do you disagree? Watch the video above and let us know in the comments.



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