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Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls shows Thugger succeed outside of trap

There where a lot of raised eyebrows when Young Thug announced his plans to drop an album with no rapping. An all singing album was a weird enough move but Executive Production from Drake was even more unexpected. Donald Glover’s move from rap into gospel with Awaken, My Love! kind of made sense for someone known to experiment. Young Thug, while not one to be pigeonholed, tended to experiment within his style. Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls proves that that wasn’t enough for Young Thug.

With the musical ability to do much more he delivers an album that doesn’t rely on the novelty of a rapper singing. The album works as a standalone piece and a noteworthy point in his discography. Thugger’s career has been spent proving himself in many arenas. He can step to anyone when it comes to mixtapes. If 16 tapes in five years doesn’t prove that enough, Slime Season 3 and Jeffrey alone prove the quality of his work.

Growth in style

For his first studio album, Young Thug didn’t see an opportunity to just refine what he’s already done. Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls isn’t trap, it Thugger. The album opens up with two Millie Go Lightly features in three tracks. It’s a hard opening to differentiate from what he’s done before. The further you go into the album, the more rapping you find, mainly in the features, but the beginning sets a tone that defines the album.

‘Relationship’ with a feature from Future is one of the high points on the album. Future raps against an autotuned Young Thug to give the best balance of what fans might want. On ‘Get High’, Snoop Dogg and Lil Durk take over for the straightest hip hop interlude in the album. Young Thug comes off the back of that to open up ‘Feel It’ with a verse that’s almost more rap than singing before returning to the theme of the album. This is one of best parts of Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls, the movement between tracks is expertly done. Young Thug’s first studio album is very clearly an album. The purpose comes through a lot cleared than a lot of albums that sound more like a collection of tracks released together.

You can pick up the album from iTunes. Listen above and let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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