2 Chainz Releases ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Mu...

2 Chainz Releases ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’, Stream It Right Here

After two delays and a leak, the album finally drops

Any 2 Chainz album would be seeing huge hype but Pretty Girls Like Trap Music has been something else. When ‘Good Drank‘ and ‘4 AM‘ released, they set a high bar for the album. In typical style, 2 Chainz delivered on the expectations. There’s always the worry that an album drops all its best tracks as singles. Pretty Girls Like Trap Music avoids that completely.

Aside from the singles, songs like ‘Riverdale Rd’ and ‘Realize’ prove how much 2 Chainz has to offer. As you’d expect from a meta title like Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, the album experiments with every aspect of the genre. Moving between the laidback, spacy ‘Poor Fool’ and the heavy beat of ‘Sleep When U Die’, 2 Chainz puts together an essay on trap music.

The features also show the best of the genre and hip hop in general. Migos and Gucci Mane help 2 Chainz keep the trap pure. More mainstream artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj show how much can be done by mixing trap and a more commercial sound. On ‘Big Amount’, trap is just one aspect of the track put the influence is still there. Pretty Girls Like Trap Music is the bast case for showing that Trap has matured as a genre.

The mix of styles in Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, generally finds its balance pretty well. Some points in the album, however, lose the trap sound. ‘Bailin’ features Pharrell Williams and his influence is felt more than most features on the album. The track is more a Pharrell one than a 2 Chainz track. It’s similar to how Kid Cudi lost his voice behind the features on Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ but takes place over much less of the album. Even then, ‘Bailin’ doesn’t sound incredibly out of place. It’s the biggest deviation on the album but still holds itself up within the flow from track to track.

Check out the album above and let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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