LucidCatcher Could Be The Weirdest Scam Of The Yea...

LucidCatcher Could Be The Weirdest Scam Of The Year

Luciding Inc promises a headstrap that can wake you up in your dreams

Kickstarter has a long history of people trying to fund weird shit. $55,000 to fund a potato salad is insane but it inspired a lot of people to see what they can get away with. Luciding Inc are one of the latest companies to try their hand at getting funding for a project that promises a lot but with very little to go on.

With an impressively stylish ad entitled ‘Get back your dreams’ and a Kickstarter sitting on $55,000 of its $75,000 goal, you can’t ignore they know how to market. That marketing is a lot more impressive when you see how little information Luciding Inc are putting forward. They narrator outrightly asks ‘Have you seen the movie Inception?’ and begins talking about their pioneering technique to help you practice yoga and meditate in your dreams. This method isn’t really explained beyond a one sentence statement. ‘Low powered stimulation provokes a state of mind similar to that which occurs during meditation.’ They also claim that they have tapped into specific frequencies to give you different types of dreams.


Decide how much money to blow with multiple kickstarter options

Looking at the donations they request on the Kickstarter it becomes a bit more suspicious. You can pledge $10 if you want to help out without a reward. Bumping up to $35 gives you access to an app called ‘Dream Journeys’. The app gets no mention elsewhere so its purpose is a mystery. Best guess is that it’s just a dream journal; if the app could cause you to lucid dream you wouldn’t need the device. This $35 pledge also promises to allow you to nap every day. If you’ve been looking to pay $35 for an excuse to nap, now’s your chance.

After the $35 option, you can also pledge $350 which gives you access to the app and your own LucidCatcher. The LucidCatcher also comes with a strap for daily wear. Confusingly there is also an option to pay $380 for the exact same thing. The more expensive options just give you additional straps, headsets and app access.

If you’re buying into it then head over to their Kickstarter page to get involved. For only $2,700 you can get 10 LucidCatchers so if you’ve been looking to make money off suburban moms, here it is.



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