Microsoft Give First Look At New Console Xbox One ...

Microsoft Give First Look At New Console Xbox One X

Microsoft responds to the rumors with a reveal at E3 2017

It’s been hidden under the codename ‘Project Scorpio’ for a while now but the newest XBox console has finally been revealed. The XBox One X boasts being the smallest XBox so far as well as the most powerful console on the market. The GPU runs at 1172MHz, compare that to the Xbox One’s 853MHz and the PS4 Pro’s 911MHz.Graphics wise, the PS4 Pro delivers 4.2 teraflops which was the highest on console until the XBox One X’s 6 teraflops.

The console is running its campaign with the slogan ‘Feel True Power’.

The console also holds to the XBox One’s backwards compatibility and will be compatible with all accessories for the previous console. The One X is 4K ready with 1TB of storage space. The console also features a gaming PC style liquid cooling system.

The XBox One X releases November 7th. It retails at $499, £499, €499, 599 Canadian dollars and 649 Australian dollars. Check out some of the trailers for launch exclusive titles below including Forza 7 and Sea Of Thieves.



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