How Kodak Black Served A 364 Day Sentence In 97 Da...

How Kodak Black Served A 364 Day Sentence In 97 Days

Facing 8 years, Kodak Black got out within a month of being sentenced

At the beginning of May, Kodak Black was sentenced to 364 days in prison for charges including six counts of violating house arrest. Things started looking good for Black when his assault charges were dropped but reports were his legal team was pushing him to take a longer sentence. 8 years in prison would have spelled the end of his career, not to mention 8 years in prison being a long time.

With 8 years on the table, Kodak fired his team and hired Brad Cohen to represent him. Cohen took the sentence down to just under a year. One eighth of his sentence was only the first step though. Black had the option to have his sentence cut in half if he completed a 30 day Life Skills course. The course would be similar to one he was supposed to complete before he was sentenced. That course ended with him being thrown out for burping, a pretty stupid way to get yourself sent to prison.

With his sentence down to 180 days, Kodak was able to apply his time served to have the sentence reduced again. Now that he’s out, expect him to join right back in on the hype that he was seeing before.



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