Snoop Dogg Thought Dr. Dre Was A Prank Caller The ...

Snoop Dogg Thought Dr. Dre Was A Prank Caller The First Time He Called Him

Snoop almost stopped his own career before it started

Imagine you’re a rapper who’s just started to get some attention. You haven’t been in the game that long and only have a few mixtapes under your belt. Suddenly, one of the biggest producers in the world is on the other end of your phone telling you he likes your work. Snoop Dogg was understandably skeptical when he got the call from Dr. Dre. He hung up on Dre first but luckily Dre called him back and told him to meet him at the studio.

Dre had heard one of Snoop’s mixtapes at a batchelor party and knew there was something special. “This is a fucking diamond in the rough and we need to polish it up.” He also said that after meeting Snoop, he began to see the full vision of what his first solo album after N.W.A would be.

The clip comes courtesy of a new HBO documentary series The Defiant Ones which tells the story of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine. Check out the trailer below for the series which is due out July 9th.



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