Listen To Lil Yachty Teenage Emotions Right Here

Listen To Lil Yachty Teenage Emotions Right Here

Boat’s first album shows an artist slowly maturing

Lil Yachty’s been splitting the rap scene as long as he’s been around. Despite the criticism for being corny, some weak lyrics and some questionable production, tracks like ‘One Night’ gained an almost cult following. Building a following like Yachty’s is no easy thing. The real litmus test, however, is how you handle the transition to a studio album. Part of Yachty’s charm was eclectic production but there had always been questions about how that would translate to an album. For Lil Yachty Teenage Emotions lays it all out, good and bad.

Tracks like ‘Like A Star’ show Yachty at his best. Reflecting on growing up, what has and hasn’t changed with fame. Yachty is by no means a great lyricist but when he’s rapping about his life the problems mostly disappear. The same can’t be said for some of his other lyrics.

“Everywhere I drive leave marks/All of you niggas is marks/You stinky and dirty like farts” Show how immature Yachty can be lyrically. Writing lyrics about farts is fine and can be pretty funny but without something more to it the line veers into cringy territory.

What he lacks in lyrics he’s made up for in production. There is a lot of filler on the album, no doubt, but tracks like ‘DN Freestyle’ and ‘Lady In Yellow’ more than make up for it. Production moving from 70s inspired synth to 808 heavy trap sets ‘Teenage Emotion’ apart form Yachty’s other work.

Check out the album below and let us know what you think in the comments.