The FBI Are Investigating Ja Rule’s Fyre Fes...

The FBI Are Investigating Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival

Possible fraud charges add to mounting legal worries for Fyre Media

Last month saw one of the most disastrous music festivals of all time. If not for the Rolling Stones Altamont Concert in 1969 which saw three deaths, Fyre Fest could easily go down as the worst. Fyre Media, the company behind the festival, made a lot of promises. Not only did they not deliver on them, they created a genuinely dangerous situation. Staff fled their posts in fear, attendees were robbed and their tents set on fire. You can read up on the fiasco here.

Despite 4/5 attendees saying they would consider returning next year (people love a trainwreck) the other 20% are filing suits against Fyre Media. That 20% is set to hit the company hard and neither CEO Billy McFarland or his partner Ja Rule are safe. Those lawsuits are worrying enough but are slowly becoming the least of the company’s problems. According to The New York Times, a source has said the F.B.I will be investigating the festival for several counts of mail, wire and securities frauds.

If that wasn’t bad enough, McFarland has pissed off the acts that were supposed to play the festival as well as staff members. Blink 182 have stated that their equipment has been stuck in customs limbo since they pulled out of their performance. Staff at the festival were told by McFarland’s company that they would not be paid unless they helped with the enormous clean up effort.

Despite Ja Rule looking to put a positive spin on everything, “The whole world knows Fyre’s name now”, don’t be surprised if this is the last you hear of Fyre Media. The extent of the charges are unclear but Ja Rule’s lawyer Stacey Richman defended the rapper, saying he “would never participate in anything fraudulent; it’s simply not in his DNA.”

It’s a long way from the gassed up version we were promised in January. Check out the announcement video, which has surprisingly not been removed from youtube, while you still can.



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