Tyler, The Creator Cancels European Tour; Fans Are...

Tyler, The Creator Cancels European Tour; Fans Are Not Happy

‘no more europe tour, sorry, next time’

With dates set for Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain. France and Germany, European fans of Tyler have been left pretty disappointed. The concert and festival tour was set to happen in July. At the moment the reasons for the cancellation are unclear.

Tyler took to Twitter to issue the apology. He moved away from his usual ALL CAPS posts for a full lower case one, the Tyler equivalent of an apology. The cancellation was announced right after the 2017 edition of Camp Flog Gnaw sold out. The two could be related with Tyler needing the time to get his festival ready.

The fan reaction hasn’t been great. Some got personal over the fact that he hasn’t released new music in a while. The attacks are pretty unfounded too. Tyler hasn’t done what a lot of artists do and announce music and spend months without following up. He hasn’t made a habit of planning to hit deadlines and then missing them. Whatever the reason, attacking an artist for not releasing enough music is a pretty fucking dumb thing to do.



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