Nicki Minaj Will Pay Your Tuition If You Get Strai...

Nicki Minaj Will Pay Your Tuition If You Get Straight As

Nicki is offering to no strings help to anyone who can prove they take it seriously

This past weekend Nicki Minaj began a competition which would have flown the winner out for a meet and greet. The competition was open worldwide and saw a huge response. That response quickly went off the rails when one fan asked her if she could pay for their tuition instead of the meet and greet.

The offer saw a huge turn out with her fans looking for help. In exchange for seeing their results,  Minaj got to work immediately paying off fees for many fans. She helped dozens of fans but there were more looking to get involved. Rather than a one off, Minaj said she would return to help more students in a month or two. There aren’t many requirements to get Minaj’s help. The offer applied to tuition, books, loans or most other college related expenses.

There were a few people trying to get easy money out of her but there were plenty of fans ready to do their research and call out any suspicious claims.



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