Concept Artist Shows What Self Driving Cars Might ...

Concept Artist Shows What Self Driving Cars Might Look Like In 2030

The future of car racing could be more sci-fi than reality

Self driving and electric cars are universally agreed to be the future of transport. We have decades of sci-fi telling us what that might look like but lately we’re seeing growth that’s making all of those visions seem dated. Luckily we have artists like Barcelona’s Omar Alfarra Zendah to show us an updated look at what the future might hold. His concept art for what a racing quality Tesla will look like in 2030 is an exciting vision of the future. Half modern F1 car and half Akira prop, his concept for the Tesla T1 is state of the art through and through.

More than just a look at the outside, his concept deconstructs the entire vehicle. The material construction and advantages of the design being as important as it looking great. Check out more pictures below to see what you might be driving 13 years from now.



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