Aries Arise Makes Clothes For People Who Make Clot...

Aries Arise Makes Clothes For People Who Make Clothes In S/S17 Collection

Coming up with Palace gave Fergus Purcell a look into how to make a brand. Along with Sofia Prantera, their label Aries Arise has turned into something great. A few collections ago they were all graphic tshirts. Today their lines cover everything you could want. For their ‘Focus’ collection, Aries Arise ignores the summer vibe and mass appeal. Their clothing is as much a collection as it is a deconstruction of a collection. Cuts and design choices that don’t operate purely on function or aesthetic.

With HBA going on an indefinite hiatus after this season, someone like Aries Arise filling the gap of pushing the edges of streetwear feels like we’re in safe hands. Check out the lookbook below and head over to their website to pick up the collection.



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