This Adidas X Roland TR-808 Could Give You The Abi...

This Adidas X Roland TR-808 Could Give You The Ability To Make Beats With Your Feet

Adidas TR-808 makes it easy to bring your beats

The Roland TR-808 is by far the most hyped drum machine in modern music. Combining the drum machine with a pair of sneakers, creative marketing agency Neely & Daughters have made something that intersects some of the most hype friendly things around. The agency created the prototype design through Mi Adidas. The TR-808 inspiration is visible in the color palette and layout. The velcro tongue strap even says ‘TR-808’ but that’s only the beginning.

The kicks include tempo control, start and stop buttons and six beat presets. All of which can be connected by USB or Bluetooth with Wifi connectivity. There is also a built in speaker in case you want to play your beats directly.

Check out pictures of the kicks below and let us know what you think in the comments.



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