Travis Scott Fan Rushed Out In Ambulance After Jum...

Travis Scott Fan Rushed Out In Ambulance After Jumping From 2nd Story Balcony

The fan apparently broke a leg after jumping

It’s well documented that Travis Scott gigs can go pretty wild. The latest night at the rodeo saw that go harder than ever. Fans at the gig in New York’s Terminal 5 venue reported that people began jumping from the balconies into the pit early on in the show. This kept up throughout and saw one fan take it to the next level.

The currently unidentified man jumped off the second floor balcony and was taken from the gig by ambulance. Early reports are that he broke a leg. Some rumors are circulating that he’s paralysed but there is no credible evidence of that. Reserve judgement until there is some medical basis to it and not some dude’s snapchat.

Check out the video below to see the jump at around the 15:50 mark.



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