Mysterious Website May Be Proof A Tyler, The Creat...

Mysterious Website May Be Proof A Tyler, The Creator Album Is Coming This Month

Scumfuck Flowerboy may be Tyler’s next release

It’s been two years since the last Tyler, The Creator album came out. Cherrybomb was released in April 2015 but since then Tyler’s focus has been elsewhere. With a clothing line, carnival and more you can see where the time goes but, fans being fans, they’ve been looking for something. Features on tracks like Frank Ocean’s ‘Biking‘ are great but they aren’t Tyler’s sound. If this website is anything to go by, something may be on the way.

scumfuckflowerboy consists right now of one page reading ‘MAY 2017’. The site uses the same color palettes and fonts as Tyler has used in a bunch of projects. Something like that would be easy to copy if this were a joke so it’s not conclusive proof. There are a few, more conclusive points in favor of it being real.

Tyler has historically spaced his albums out to be two years apart and release around this time of year. The site has its dates right at the very least.Additionally, Tyler changed his Twitter bio to a pretty obvious statement.

As well as the nod from Tyler’s own Twitter, a leaked tracklist made its way around the Odd Future subreddit too.

If nothing else they look like Tyler’s work. Some are suggesting that it looks like what you would make if you were faking a Tyler, the Creator release. There are enough changes in style that if that if that is the case, it’s coming from someone very well schooled in Tylerism.

May 5th seems like the date and Scumfuck Flowerboy does seem like a Tyler album name. How likely do you find the story? Let us know in the comments.




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