Tupac’s Bodyguard The Night He Died Speaks O...

Tupac’s Bodyguard The Night He Died Speaks Out About His Killer

“His name started coming cause he was taking credit for it”

Despite the constant rumors of the involvement of everyone from Suge Knight to the FBI, the high profile shooting of Tupac Shakur has remained one of hip hop’s most enduring mysteries. People can’t even agree that he is dead, never mind the circumstances of his death.

For his ex-bodyguard, those questions have been answered for a long time. In anewly released interview, Blood Piru member Mob James gave his version of the events. He claims that the killer is one of the most commonly named people in the case, Orlando Anderson.

Anderson had been implicated in the shooting from the beginning. The Southside Crips member had been attacked by Shakur in the lobby of the MGM Grand hours before he was shot. According to Mob James, the altercation was Tupac attempting to prove to the Bloods he was with that he was ready to get involved in whatever they did. James goes on to say that Tupac had changed once he started moving with the gang.

‘When Tupac had 30 cats behind him; when Tupac knew that can’t nobody hurt him because he got all these guys, Tupac changed.’

The police only followed up by interviewing Anderson about the shooting once before Anderson himself was killed in an unrelated gang shooting. Before his death, Anderson had been taking credit for the shooting publicly and word reached the Piru’s and Mob James. James put some blame on Tupac and Suge Knight, saying that Tupac got involved in a situation that was not his to be in. He said that Suge should have kept Tupac out of it and if he did, Tupac would be alive today.

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