Donald Trump’s Illegal Alien Hotline Is Gett...

Donald Trump’s Illegal Alien Hotline Is Getting Trolled By People Reporting UFO Encounters

Thousands of people have taken to derailing the hotline

The Victims Of Immigrant Crime Engagement might sound like something out of a dystopian book. That’s because it pretty much is. President Trump’s hotline to report illegal immigrants didn’t take long to piss off a lot of people. Once Twitter caught wind of the hotline the ran with it. Pretty soon after it opened, the hotline began receiving calls from people reporting their encounters with extraterrestrials.

For a lot of people the idea of the hotline might not seem like a big deal. A way to report crime is a way to report crime. That is not the case though. Immigrant crime is a tiny fraction of the crime in the US. Putting resources behind a service like this has two equally transparent functions.

One is that it makes people think that ‘immigrant crime’ is a bigger problem than it is. Getting people riled up about a nonexistent problem is high on the Trump administrations agenda. The second function is somehow even more sinister. A dedicated hotline serves to allow the Trump camp to blow hard about the number of calls they get about migrant crime. You can be sure that without these UFO calls, every individual call to the hotline will be counted as an individual crime by an immigrant.



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