John Legend Calls Donald Trump ‘Manifestly U...

John Legend Calls Donald Trump ‘Manifestly Unqualified’ At Time 100 Gala

‘I can’t say anything nice about the guy’

John Legend has been no stranger to taking the Trump family to task. He got into it with Donald Trump Jr on Twitter; calling his father a racist after Junior complained about protesters. At the Time 100 Gala at the Lincoln Center he pulled no punches again.

Legend called out Trump as being a terrible president and pointed him out as being incompetent when it comes to legislating. The singer, who graduated from the same University as the President and his son, was one of those on the Time 100 most influential people list. Not content with speaking out on the red carpet, he also made his feelings clear in his video for Time magazine itself.

Check out the video below to see Legend speak out about his feelings on America’s social and political climate.



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