WANT Les Essentials Reveals Explorer Friendly Fall...

WANT Les Essentials Reveals Explorer Friendly Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

High end doesn’t mean delicate for WANT

If you’re looking for travel friendly gear that also looks great it’s hard to do better than WANT Les Essentials. The brand is one of few in the luxury clothing industry that acknowledges that people might want to move around a bit. Their clothing is on par with anything you’ll find in any other fashion house but with the durability you want whether you’re hiking or just walking around in the winter.

As far as the construction goes, WANT have rebuilt the pieces they put in the collection out of durable, lightweight materials like Toray Cebonner. Most of the collection balances earth tones and camo patterns. Even the camo looks high end somehow and makes the collection clear as a luxury brand.

You can check out pictures of the collection below and head over to their website if anything catches your eye.



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