Nordstrom Beat The Working Class To Death With Pre...

Nordstrom Beat The Working Class To Death With Pre Dirtied Jeans

Nordstrom attempts to start the dumbest trend of the year so far

When you get to a point where you can sell people a pouch to put a rock in, you can forgive Nordstrom for thinking that no matter what they make, someone will buy it. What’s less understandable is the label hammering more nails into the coffin of respect for the working class.

For only $425 you can buy a pair of jeans to make you look like someone who might barely make double that in a month. Distressed jeans have been a thing in fashion for a while. Even though the distress began as a way to imitate working class wear and tear, it was about the look and not about pretending. If we wanted to pretend distressed jeans meant you worked in them, ripped skinny jeans wouldn’t be as popular as they are.

Pre dirtied jeans is something else. A conceited attempt to make someone who would never get their clothes dirty doing anything important feel like they’re the common man with someone who would. The irony is that the people wearing the gear being imitated would never let a $425 pair anywhere near dirt.

If ever you need proof that the recession is over, here it is. Check the Nordstrom website if you want to buy a pair. If should be easy to fully appreciate them up close with your head up your ass.



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