Kendrick Lamar Has Got Every Track From DAMN. Into...

Kendrick Lamar Has Got Every Track From DAMN. Into The Charts

‘DAMN.’ keeps up its world domination taking over the Billboard Hot 100

14 tracks, 14 places in the charts. Kendrick Lamar is the fifth act in history to hold 14 spots in the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. He joins The Beatles, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Drake for the honor. Drake holds the record with 24 tracks charting at the same time making up almost a quarter of the list. The Weeknd holds a comfortable second at 18. Kendrick has never prioritized getting music out to keep his name in the charts so it’s unlikely he’ll try to break any records. Seeing this jump on only his second number one is a big enough leap that it’s easy to imagine Kendrick doing it without really trying to.

388 Million combined listens in the US alone makes it clear why he’s in the top spot. The stats via Billboard are below:

Position, title, weekly U.S. streams
No. 1  (up from No. 3) “Humble.” (67.4 million)
No. 4 (debut), “DNA.” (51 million)
No. 14 (debut), “Loyalty.,” featuring Rihanna (32.2 million)
No. 16 (debut), “Element.” (31.3 million)
No. 18 (debut), “Love.,” featuring Zacari (29.3 million)
No. 32 (debut), “Yah.” (24.5 million)
No. 33 (debut), “XXX.” (23.3 million)
No. 35 (debut), “Feel.” (22.5 million)
No. 37 (debut),” Pride.” (21.8 million)
No. 42 (debut), “Lust.” (20.2 million)
No. 50 (debut), “Fear.”  (17.6 million)
No. 54 (debut), “Blood.”  (17.3 million)
No. 58 (debut), “God.” (16 million)
No. 63 (debut), “Duckworth.” (14.1 million)

‘Humble’ and ‘DNA.’ have seen the biggest response but ‘Loyalty.’ has become a close third. Unlike the other two, the Rihanna featuring track got its 32 million streams with no video. If you’ve managed to miss the album so far, catch ‘Humble.’ below and let us know what you think in the comments.



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