Check Out Chance The Rapper Performing His Own Ver...

Check Out Chance The Rapper Performing His Own Version Of Kanye’s ‘Waves’

Chance took a shot at the hit he helped make

Beginning his Be Becouraged tour in style, Chance The Rapper performed his own version of ‘Waves’ in San Diego last night. One of the most rated tracks of Ye’s album ‘The Life Of Pablo’, Chano had a personal hand in it that made the track close to him.

He opened up on twitter about how much the track meant to him after fighting hard to keep it on the album. Chance was proven right as ‘Waves’ quickly became a fan favorite and has been ever since. For fans, the chance to hear Chano perform his version of the song wasn’t expected. As you can tell from the crowd’s reaction though, they were more than happy to hear it.



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