165 Street Artists Have Teamed Up on An Abandoned ...

165 Street Artists Have Teamed Up on An Abandoned Building In Berlin

Die Dixons Collective have turned a ruin into a canvas with the help of a huge number of artists

The Haus in Berlin has gone from a once abandoned building to an intricate canvas for Berlin’s street artists. The building used to be a bank before being left to fall into disuse until the Die Dixons collective got involved. Members Kimo, Bolle and Jörni put the word out among their contacts that they were looking to get as many artists together to turn the old bank into a street art hub.

The collective managed to find its 165 artists with a range of graffiti, street art, installation pieces. Beginning in January, the group finished their work in mid may and opened to the public on April 1st. The group offer guided tours all day and a pay-what-you-want donation system.

The artists involved state that the exhibition is for arts sake and they aren’t selling anything. Most of the materials to supply the local and national artists were supplied by businesses or paid for out of pocket. Check out some of the highlights below and head over to the Haus website to find out more about the artists.



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