Kodak Black Turns Down 8 Year Plea Deal, Will Be S...

Kodak Black Turns Down 8 Year Plea Deal, Will Be Sentenced Next Week

Kodak faces charges for battery, probation violation and not completing anger management classes

Apparently unable to keep his head down for more than five minutes, Kodak Black is set to be sentenced next week over violating his probation after a four month misdemeanor drugs charge last year. The rapper is on house arrest at his home in Pembroke Pines and is only allowed to travel for pre-approved work reasons. While his legal team claim his trip to a boxing match in Ohio was for work reasons, the court states it was still unapproved.

Also under scrutiny is his trip to Club Lexx, a strip club where a bartender claims he assaulted her. Jennifer Cunningham stated that he stood on the bar blocking her from doing her job. She told him to get down he put his fingers to her head like a gun and kicked her after she pushed him away. This claim is refuted by another employee at the club who says that the situation never happened. Cunningham was also questioned as to why she never saw medical attention until two weeks later when she’d sought legal advice. She admitted that she was looking for a civil settlement.

The charges

If Kodak is found guilty of the battery charge, he faces eight years. The probation violation alone may see him face six years.

As a condition of his probation, Black was ordered to complete anger management classes which he failed to do. According to the leader of the anger management session, Ramona Sanchez, the rapper kept interrupting the session by burping. When she asked him to leave, he refused and she threatened to call the police. At this point she states he grabbed her phone and wrist.

His probation officer spoke of the rapper as being polite but stressed that breaking his probation was a big deal. His legal council defended him saying the charges were a lot for a 19 year old to handle.



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