Where To Get The Best Urban Lifestyle Furniture Ne...

Where To Get The Best Urban Lifestyle Furniture New York Has

Where To Get The Best Urban Lifestyle Furniture New York Has

If you’re living in a city then your lifestyle reflects that. Cities get into your looks, your actions and everything else so seeing your house not fitting the bill feel weird. All those great interior designed instagrams don’t happen by accident. You need to make a conscious effort to get your place looking like that. Luckily there’s a lot that you can do and not all of it expensive. If you’re looking for urban lifestyle furniture New York is full of options. Here are some of the best places depending on your style.


Jensen-Lewis opened in 1964 and transformed gradually to an urban lifestyle furniture company. Among New York’s most trusted purveyors of urban lifestyle and modern furniture, they’ve made a name for themselves for consistently supplying stock with a unique style. Rather than furniture that just fits into a space, their pieces can define the shape and layout of your home. Platform beds, dining tables that are as much art pieces as furniture. Picking up some furniture here makes a huge impact on how your place looks and if their styles suit you then it’s not worth missing.

Blu Dot

The Blu dot company was started in the late ’90s in Minnesota by a sculptor and two architects. They’re an award winning embodiment of modern interior design. Blu Dot products are frequently displayed and sold at high-end luxury spots-and this includes other places on the list. The company is the high end version of what Ikea and others do on a more economically friendly level. Minimalism, stylish furniture is the main philosophy of their work. The unfortunate downside being that post of their pieces are pretty uniform.

Sparr’s Antiques & Militaria

Admitedly this is quite a weird one but an important addition to the list. People tend to want to kit heir houses out in interesting pieces and antiques and militaria are one of the best ways to do that. Any furniture store will be stocked with antique style pieces designed to fit your house but with few exceptions they don’t really do it. That old style rotary phone in Ikea clearly isn’t a real antique rotary phone and the extra authenticity can be a detail that makes your place look sick. The other benefit is that the word antique doesn’t mean expensive all the time. You can pick up something that looks good and comes in a lot cheaper than the decorative version being hocked at a furniture store.

ABC Carpet & Home


ABC has one of the biggest collections of furniture of different styles. A lot of boutique furniture outlets tend to keep a lot of their pieces stylistically similar, ABC is the opposite. Ikea has the monopoly on huge selections of furniture but for urban lifestyle furniture New York has a niche carved out for ABC. In addition to their furniture they offer in house design services to help with interior design for your home.


There’s no point avoiding it. For the few complaints you will here about Ikea, the store is a great balance of style and affordability. If you don’t fuck with the Scandinavian vibe you might not like everything here. It’s unlikely that you’ll leave without spotting something though. One commonly missed reason for Ikea’s popularity in cities is the flat packing. If you live in a city, especially in a small apartment, getting anything other than small furniture into your place is difficult. You can probably chart how much of the furniture in an apartment block is Ikea by going up through the floors.



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