How To Come Up With Streetwear Brand Name Ideas

How To Come Up With Streetwear Brand Name Ideas

How To Come Up With Streetwear Brand Name Ideas

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. Likewise, good clothing is good clothing even without a good name. No matter how good the clothing is though, a good name can make or break the interest of an audience. Customers are a fickle bunch so a good name is almost as necessary as good clothing. Below are some tips to help you to come up with the best streetwear brand name ideas possible.

Choose a name that sticks

streetwear brand name ideas

When you pick a name you’re locked into it. Aside from some drastic change you’ll have to stick with the name for the rest of your time with the brand. If you’re gonna stick with it then your audience should too. Pick a name that sticks inside the head of your audience. There are a few steps to doing this. First you need to think about your market. If you are selling something as general as a soft drink then you don’t need relevant words. Selling clothing, you need a name that people will associate with clothing or at the very least will not associate with something else.

There’s the story of Hydrox cookies which came out before Oreo. Oreo copied them completely and lost Hydrox its business. A big part of that was Hydrox sounding more like a bleach than a cookie. On the other side, names like Patta and Crep Protect successfully convey their point. Patta is slang for sneakers in Holland, Crep is slang for sneakers in Britain. Both names have a clear word association to what they are about, as long as you know the culture. That gives them both a direct and indirect message. If you know it you know it, if you don’t you learn it.

Another thing those brands have going for them is a strong sound. Patta has hard consonants so you enunciate the word, that makes it stick. Adidas has them too, as does Coke. The best brand names are mumble proof, you can’t say them without saying them clearly.

Use a name that can be pronounced easily

streetwear brand name ideas

This follows on from the names that stick. It needs to be one you can get across to someone really quick. ‘A Bathing Ape In Lukewarm Water wouldn’t see half the attention as the shorthand ‘Bape’. Hard consonants again are important, don’t lose anything in translation. Your name doesn’t necessarily have to be short or necessarily simple. Kokon To Zai gets its brand recognition while being kind of long but it is easy to pronounce and immediately recognizable. A lot of your customers will find you online but if you do it right then word of mouth is what you’re looking for and this makes that a lot easier.

Avoid too unusual spelling

streetwear brand name ideasWe all want to act like art is just art and ignore the business side but unfortunately you need to put some mental energy into focusing on that. How this ties into coming up with streetwear brand name ideas is very important. The whole world is your audience now and in addition to your social media, people have to be able to look you up. Your name needs to be something that leads easily to you.

Keep it simple and short

streetwear brand name ideas

A good brand name is almost always short and straight to the point. A good example is Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, Jordans, etc. Pick any streetwear brand that has a long name and I’ll give you a shorthand people use a lot more. This is clearest in brands that got their name before having the most ‘optimised’ name became a concern. Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC, Burger King make as much noise about the ‘BK‘ letters as the actual name.

An ideal brand name should not exceed two words. If you do decide to go longer then you need some way to shorten it, Bape are the masters of this and you need something equally good. 

Use a positive name

This doesn’t necessarily mean a name with a positive background to it. If your going to make exclusively sad boi attire then you need an appropriate name for that. What it means is a name that can be positively identified. Something that sets off the parts of the brain you want. If your audience can pull something out of the name when they see your pieces then you’re doing something right. Bape has its Ape, Braindead has its Head. Having a name and a logo should go hand in hand so picking something you can design a logo with is important too.

Hire a professional

streetwear brand name ideas

By no means a tip, this is a last ditch strategy. You don’t need help coming up with a name but if it’s not working out it’s not working out. If you want to get your clothing made and get it out there but can’t think of a name, get someone who does it for a living. Hiring someone and having an honest brand aren’t mutually exclusive.

These are our tips to help you come up with streetwear brand name ideas. Which brands do you think used these tips? Which brands got away with ignoring them? Let us know in the comments.