Chris Brown Asked To Return $30K For Punching Phot...

Chris Brown Asked To Return $30K For Punching Photographer At Nightclub

Chris Brown has been asked to return $30k to a Tampa nightclub after he punched a photographer.

When he’s not in the news for his music, feuds, engaging in police standoffs, or threatening his exes, Chris Brown can always rely on his fists to make headlines.

This time the rapper has landed himself in hot water after ditching his paid performance at a Tampa nightclub to fight with the venue’s  photographer. Brown had been hired to perform for an hour but only stayed a couple of minutes following the altercation.

Sources told TMZ Chris and his entourage started the fight after the 27-year-old became enraged photos were being taken, while the photographer maintains he was taking snaps of the crowd. The club has reached out to Chris’ camp to get $30k back but haven’t yet received a response.

Take a look at footage of the fight below, obtained by TMZ.



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