Top 10 Free Online Hip Hop Radio Station

Top 10 Free Online Hip Hop Radio Station

Top 7 Free Online Hip Hop Radio Station

Online radio is the closest we’ve come to getting back to the days of pirate radio. Pretty much anyone can get an online radio station up and running. That brings a huge platform for creating exactly what you want to see out there. Not to mention competition to make sure you do the best you can. With that comes a lot of choice no matter how specific your interests are. Here are 7 of the best free online hip hop radio stations you can tune into right now.

As the name suggests, Mi Soul delivers more R&B, Reggae and Soul than hip hop but there’s enough in the mix to tune in. Solid selection of upbeat music makes it an energetic station whether for hip hop or their other genres of choice.

Between R&B, hip hop and pop, WJMS doesn’t just serve hip hop heads but they manage to get the balance right enough to make it worth it. As well as their playlists, they have a solid collection of hosted shows on a bunch of topics.

Hot Jamz

Hot Jamz is the radio station to listen to when you want to hear pure urban RnB and classic hip hop. It is one radio station that never fails to satisfy its listeners with what they want within the RnB and Hip – Hop genre.


Dancehall, reggae and high energy hip hop are what you get from Party Vibe. Don’t come here expecting real G shit but what it covers is a great mix for fans of party tracks with an urban sound.

Hot 108 Jamz

Not to be confused with Hot Jamz (everyone’s Jamz are hot, get better names), 108 provide a solid selection of hip hop. From old skool to current charts, they’ve shirked the internet radio style of catering to a niche and instead perform like a traditional radio station with a mix of styles. Some stuff you’ll know and love, some stuff they’ll put you on to.

Black Beats

Black Beats can be a bit of a time machine. Far from a bad thing, it’s worth checking out if you want to hear 90s hip hop or sounds directly influenced by it. Despite the face of hip hop being very different to when ‘California Love’ released, there are a lot of artists still releasing old style hip hop. Black Beats is one of the best places to find them.

Vibes Link Radio

Vibes Link blasts out a lot of dancehall, hip hop and pop reggae. All high energy and beats to get you moving. If that’s what you’re looking for you’ll struggle to find a better spot than Vibes Link.

Trap FM

Exactly what you’d expect, Trap.FM is a one stop shop for all things Trap related. From more mainstream players to smaller names coming up in the scene, Trap FM is the place to find them.

These are our picks for some of the best free online hip hop radio stations you need to listen to. Which ones are your favorite. Let us know in the comments.




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