The Big Guide of Online Nike Shoe Stores

The Big Guide of Online Nike Shoe Stores

The Big Guide of Online Nike Shoe Stores

With one offs, midnight drops, exclusives and other sneaker releases that seem to never end up in a store nearby, it can seem like you’re always a step away from the best kicks. Even shopping online can be difficult. You find the right sneakers for an insane price or something that seems like the right one and it falls apart mid sale. If you are buying Nikes online, here’s our list of online Nike Shoe Stores to make the search easier.


If you’re looking to pick up some Nikes in Europe, Zalando might be the place to go. They haven’t been around long but they came with enough passion to make an impact. With over a million customers in 15 European regions, Zalando know their audience and supply a collection of sportswear and hype gear. Depending on what you like, you’re covered here.


Holland is one of Europe’s biggest streetwear havens and Daka are at the core of fueling that fire. Most of their gear is sportswear so the streetwear is more of a sideline to the main business. Nevertheless it’s a profitable one and one that keeps the Netherlands supplied with gear.

Kicks Hawaii

Based, unsurprisingly, in Hawaii, Kicks Hawaii came from the same guy behind St. Alfred’s in Chicago. They’re the biggest supplier on the Hawaiian Islands but even if you aren’t in Hawaii their online presence pulls in enough stock to make them worth checking out.


Not exactly a place for Nike shoes or even kicks in general but the size of Amazon means you’ll find a lot of sellers with some serious heat. Amazon’s a good intersection between eBay and traditional outlets. You can find some gems like you would on eBay but with the same reliability as an established store.


The first in Swiss sneakers, Titolo rep Nike pretty hard. They’re far from a one trick pony but their Nike selection is impressive. You’ll find current sneakers here as well as some older releases and some kicks that have never seen release in the US.


Kickz have a pretty wide selection but their Nike collection is one of the best around. Current kicks, past releases and upcoming, they’ve got a lot covered and are definitely worth checking out.


Another store that mainly focuses on sportswear, Jabong is worth checking out specifically because kicks aren’t its mainline. With no focus on sneakerheads they aren’t tailoring their prices to what sneakerheads will pay. You can pick up some decent catches if you’re clever here without the prices or competition from sneaker heavy sites.


While it’s not a sneaker store, if there’s a pair of kicks for sale anywhere, you’ll find a pair on eBay. You can find an immense range of Nike shoes on eBay. Their return policy means you’re unlikely to lose out if there are any problems with the kicks.

These are some of the best online Nike Shoe stores or other places you can cop Nikes. Who did we miss? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.



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