The Best Air Jordan 1s Color Ways

The Best Air Jordan 1s Color Ways

The Best Air Jordan 1s Color Ways


There aren’t many sneaker silhouettes more iconic than the Air Jordan 1s. Even outside the sneaker world, the silhouette has become a bigger part of fashion and has the history to back it up. The reason it’s lasted so long is down to two things; excellent design and frequently released colorways that make it worth staying up to date on these kicks.

There’s a long history with Air Jordan 1s, here are its best colorways through the years.

Air Jordan 1 25th Anniversary Silver

air jordan 1s

When a brand like Balmain does a silver sneaker they go all out with something that looks like a space boot. That’s not a bad thing but with the Anniversary Silver, Nike prove less is more. The cool grey colored base uses silver finishing on the heels, toe area and the Swoosh. While the silver is far from the dominant element on these kicks, is balanced well enough to come to the foreground. The silver anniversary footwear was launched to celebrate 25 years of Air Jordan in the making so it was obviously one to make special. The managed to pull it off with a pair of kicks that carries a lot of exclusivity and stylistically looks pretty high end.

Air Jordan 1 High Strap “The Low End Theory”air jordan 1s

Featuring probably the most unique colorway on a pair of Air Jordan 1s, which is a pretty big claim in itself, this release made it interesting with a strap to be fitted around the ankle. This release saw a huge response from fans who saw it putting together two powerhouses of history. One of the OG great sneaker silhouettes a#with one of the OG great hip hop albums. On its own, the colorway is dope, with the history behind it it’s a must have.

Levis x Air Jordan 1

air jordan 1s

You could easily see a Levis sneaker collaboration turning into some Canadian double denim nightmare. It worked out well, especially important as it marked the first collaboration Air Jordan did on this silhouette. The red leather and patterned denim combo made it stand out from the rest of the sneaker scene releases at the time. The shoes came with a pair of Levis 501 jeans and a tee-shirt, both detailed with Jordan elements.

Air Jordan 1 White/Metallic Purple

air jordan 1s

The dominant white accented with purple made for an eye catching look on this colorway. It seemed more in line with art-deco color palettes than the ones typically used on sneakers. Lowkey they look like someone strong armed Nike into making a Frieza colorway but no complaints here.

Air Jordan 1 XQ

Air Jordan 1s

The first time these kicks dropped in 2007 they were some of the most exclusive sneakers on the market. An estimated 240 pairs releasing in China made western sneakerheads go wild. The re-release in 2013 gave more people a chance to get their hands on what had quickly come to be seen as one of the best colorways around. More design elements than you usually see in a pair of kicks and a chance to cop something once incredibly exclusive made worth the hype. The fact that it’s undeniably dope makes it one of the best Jordan colorways around.

UNC Air Jordan 1

air jordan 1s

With the UNC, Air Jordan proved that you didn’t need to make something flashy to make a good colorway. This is what colorway meant in the first place. Two colors in balance on a pair of kicks. Colorways favoring red tend to take more attention but the UNC made sure everyone knew how dope blue kicks could be.

These are some of the best colorways on the Air Jordan 1s silhouette. Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments.