Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike Defends Kanye We...

Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike Defends Kanye West Meeting Donald Trump

Killer Mike has come to Kanye West’s defense.

Last year, Kanye West was strongly criticized for admitting he hadn’t voted in the U.S election, but would have voted for Donald Trump if he had. Ye gained further negative attention when he met with President Trump at Trump tower in New York.

Ye has since deleted his tweets in support of President Trump and hasn’t spoken out in support of him in months. Now, civil rights activist and Run The Jewels member Killer Mike has given his opinion on the drama. Speaking to Channel 4 News, Mike said “It didn’t bother me, why wouldn’t you? Black people shouldn’t have permanent friends or enemies, they should have permanent interest. If it wasn’t for Dr. Martin Luther King being willing to meet with people like [Governor] George Wallace, Wallace would have not have ended up – starting as a racist bigot and ending as a person who found God in some way, and appointed more blacks to his office than any other governor since.”

Killer Mike, who had campaigned for Bernie Sanders during the presidential election, also said he thought the meeting was unimportant. A musician meeting a presidential candidate isn’t important to me, unlike Jim Brown,” he explained. Brown, for the last 50 years, has fought against oppression of all people. Him sitting with President Trump was a significant thing for me, because I know on the other side of the table he was telling the truth.”

Let us know what you think of Killer Mike’s take on Kanye West meeting with Donald Trump!



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