Mozzy Dear XXL (Mumble Rappers Diss)

Mozzy Dear XXL (Mumble Rappers Diss)

Mozzy comes for XXL’s 2016 Freshmen list with “Dear XXL.”

California rapper Mozzy isn’t happy with XXL Magazine’s 2016 Freshmen list, which included Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak Black, Lil Yachty, Desiigner and more. The 29-year-old has released a new track “Dear XXL” where he goes in on “mumble rappers.”

Mozzy keeps it short and scathing, branding his fellow nominees as “queers” and calling for an end to the popularity of mumbe rappers, “Autotuning, all that humming and shit/We don’t fuck with that shit/Cause that problems for that mumbling and shit/Autotuning, all that humming and shit!”

Listen to Mozzy’s new track “Dear XXL” below and elt us know what you think!