5 Downsides To Urban Life And How To Fix Them

5 Downsides To Urban Life And How To Fix Them

5 Downsides To Urban Life And How To Fix Them

Generally if you live in a city you probably prefer it to living in a rural area. City dwellers get used to having everything at their fingertips so taking that away isn’t usually an option. Despite all the upsides to living in a city, it’s not without its problems. Some of the biggest urban life problems can seem like things you just have to put up with but that’s not the case. If you think it through and find the right 

Lack of privacy

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If you live in a city the unfortunate fact is you’ll find very few places to get some privacy. At home or in public areas there tends to be a lot going on, even if you have space to yourself at home, you don’t want to be cooped up in your house all the time.

Finding places that stay relatively quiet means you’ll need to put in a bit or legwork. Most places that are in anyway nice and internet savvy will be full of people coming in through their facebook, yelp or wherever else. Look around for smaller cafes, restaurants or shops that you can justify spending time in.  If most of the customers in a place are old then you’ve likely found a good place that’ll stay quiet. Book shop can be good for this and some clothing shops.

High rent prices

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There isn’t a hell of a lot you can do to lower rent prices in a city. High demand, low availability mean that you’re always in competition to get a place. That doesn’t mean you’re screwed though. There are strategies to get a place for low rent prices. Generally they will require a bit of legwork on your part but the pay off can be great. One of the best ways to find somewhere cheap is to look in papers or walk around an area and look for signs of leases. Generally someone putting an ad in a paper or the window will be an independant renter leasing their own property. They are less likely to be up on current prices and maybe less likely to care. If they’re an older renter, being friendly will go a lot further than a list of references.

Looking for where to compromise is equally important. A great house far away from where you want to be will always be far away. Picking up a less than desirable place that’s closer to your location may bew the way to go. Provided there are no structural isues, most home maintenance and design can be accomplished for surprisingly cheap and tutorials for everything from plastering to upholstry can be found on youtube.

Lack of green spaces

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Most cities will have some amount of parks available but they may not be accessible all the time depending on where you live. Even if they are, most aren’t the size of somewhere like Central Park where you can get away from the sound of the city. If you’re looking for green areas then chances are you’re into the outdoors and willing to find them. Figuring out how to get to parks with public transport or any other means is the first step.

Come up with reasons to go to these places, scheduling work trips or just hanging out, means you’ll get out there more. If that’s not enough then finding a way out of the city at regular points can be a pretty refreshing way to spend your time. Not everyone loves fishing but getting drunk by a lake with fishing rods is its own thing.


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Being real there’s not a hell of a lot you can do about pollution in your city. One dude against however many millions of people is unlikely to make an impact. What you can do is get involved in how your city deals with it. Local governments tend to hold open meetings where you can find out about changes in the area and voice your opinion about problems like pollution in your area. Throw the problem up the chain, be loud about it and get things done. Going to a townhall meeting won’t get you a lot of credibility with most people but if it gets your area cleaned up it’s worth it.

The way to deal with any problem you can’t fix is to make it a problem for someone who can.


Sense of community

urban lifeIt’s not really news that cities can be isolating places. If you didn’t grow up there then it can be hard to fit into the community. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible. One of the easiest ways to find a network of people socially is to look for groups relevant to your hobby. It’s a decent way to find people you are guaranteed to have something in common with. The only downside being that they’ll be spread all over the city. If you’re looking for more of a local community then keep an eye out for events and things people are doing. Facebook groups for areas are huge now and will give you a feel for what people are like, what they’re into and who to avoid.

These are five problems you find in urban life and our ways of fixing them. What are your solutions to urban life problems? Let us know in the comments.