John Legend Releases In America

John Legend Releases In America

John Legend has brought out a new track “In America.”

John Legend’s powerful new release “In America” was wrote with producer Dave Tozer for WGN America’s critically acclaimed series Underground, which is based on the history of the Underground Railroad.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Tozer explained the message and reasoning behind the new track. “When John and I were writing ‘In America,’ we wanted to give voice to the frustration that some people have been feeling in recent times,” he said. “To channel the experiences of people who feel targeted for who they are and those forced to work long hours just to keep their families afloat, and show that as a country we sometimes struggle to live up to the promise of the American dream. But we also wanted it to be hopeful, and show the optimism that leads people to pursue that dream.”

Listen to John Legend’s new track “In America” below and let us know what you think!