Moonlight Soundtrack gets Chopped & Screwed O...

Moonlight Soundtrack gets Chopped & Screwed On ‘Purple Moonlight’

Purple Moonlight‘ continues the films journey into the culture

If you’ve seen ‘Moonlight’, you know how great the soundtrack is. It pulls off a balance between powerful classical music overtures and chopped and screwed hip hop. Following its main character, Chiron, growing up, the music matches the warping of a young mind. That sound has been doubled down on with Purple Moonlight.

This reworking of the soundtrack by The Chopstars takes the chopped and screwed sound and extends it to the entire album. According to the director, Barry Jenkins, the sound was a fundamental part of the the picture. He even names the style in the script, looking for music that was “old school but slowed (like Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together) chopped and screwed.” 

The sound was pioneered by DJ Screw who died in 2000. Seventeen years on, he’s still a huge influence on the slow, murky hip hop remix sound. Moonlight’s Oscar glory was offset by  Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway’s envelope fuck up. Luckily, with a second theatre run off the back of the win, the attention is only a good thing.

Respect to Jenkins. He’s doing more than pushing his own film with the attention. The album brings into focus the culture that made it what it was.



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