The Top 10 Street Clothing Brands

The Top 10 Street Clothing Brands

Top 10 Street Clothing Brands

Streetwear is blowing up high fashion right now. That’s only set to increase for the next few seasons at least. With the face of streetwear set to change it’s important to look at some of the best street clothing brands around. Here’s our top 10 labels putting out streetwear today.


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Supreme’s place as the most popular streetwear brand would never have happened without the innovation of Shawn Stüssy. His label was the first of all street clothing brands.

Shawn Stüssy launched the brand aimed at surfers and skaters in the early 1980s. Stüssy is one streetwear brand that focused on its root. You can see this in the company’s logo, Shawn’s surname and in its style which draws heavily from the surfer culture it came from. In 1984, it commenced sales and expanded to hit Europe in 1988. The brand began to gain exposure quickly, and by 1991, $17M in revenues were reported.


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Launched in April 1994, Supreme became the home of young skaters and artists. Supreme was able to achieve success by integrating itself with the downtown culture where it was established.

While it grew into a home for the skaters and artists, Supreme had already built a reputation for quality, authenticity, and style. Their first store was set up to allow skaters to roll through on boards while buying. The lack of fucks given extended to their clothing too which got in some trouble early on for stealing Louis Vuitton prints and putting them on their gear.


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KITH was launched in 2011 by Ronnie Fieg, a notable personality in the footwear industry. Having already built a rep off his work on Asics collaborations, the label didn’t see the same period of publically finding its feet most brands do. KITH flagship stores are designed to provide customers with a unique experience. KITH are committed to providing premium products, which are carefully selected by their team of experts.

Brain Dead

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BD bring out some of the best artists and designers to create pieces tailored to skate style. Brain Dead is one of the brands looking to change the face of streetwear. As street clothing brands go, Brain Dead are on the smaller side but they know their market and tailor to it perfectly. Its focus on heavy graphic styles taken from comics and skate culture is one that has seen consistent popularity for the better part of three decades. If it’s down to Brain Dead, that popularity is going to turn to dominance pretty quick.


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Located in New York, Richardson’s clothing takes erotic inspiration to streetwear. Ranging from T-shirts with images of bondage and inscriptions to jeans, jackets, and towels. The brand isn’t something everyone will fuck with but they’re just wrong. Richardson throwing their hat into the ring with streetwear clothing brands off the back if an erotica magazine isn’t the most obvious move. Once you see what they do, you’ll be wondering why.

Billionaire Boys Club

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Pharrell and Nigo made a statement naming their label Billionaire Boys Club. It’s about flexing and doing it well. BBC take the American-Japanese collaboration to run only two lines of clothing at a time, BBC and Ice Cream. These lines feature the kinds of T-shirts, polos, denim and other pieces you rarely see in street clothing brands. Of course the normal streetwear pieces are there too so there’s a lot of choice.

Deer Dana

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Founded alongside Kevin Tekinel, Deer Dana is owned by Dana Veraldi, an American artist based in NYC. Dana is mainly known for her paintings and collages.

Deer Dana was formed to market the t-shirts which were replicas of Dana’s fine art. That might sound like a cash grab but it’s hard to think of any artist with work more suited to graphic tees. Portraits of people from Gucci Mane to Frida Khalo are all treated equally by Deer Dana. Street clothing brands are at their best when they rep every side of the culture and that’s what Deer Dana do. With releases in solidarity with Standing Rock and celebrating women, Deer Dana are worth looking at to support the cause and pick up something dope.


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James Bond and Eddie Cruz’s Undefeated label has made them an important part of streetwear. Its flagship store was opened in Los Angeles next to Stussy and carries on that legacy. From their own lines to some of the best brand collaborations around, Undefeated embody the story of coming up in streetwear.


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People who don’t know Bape are unlikely to be reading this list. the second streetwear hits someone’s radar they seem to absorb knowledge of Bape by osmosis. If you’ve missed it, A Bathing Ape (BAPE) is a Japanese brand founded by Nigoin Ura-Harajuku in 1993, with its primary specialization being the provision of top quality streetwear for children and adults alike. With 19 stores running in Japan with more globally supplying hypebeasts the world over is a market cornered by Bape.

The Hundreds

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While it came a bit later to the scene than the likes of Stussy, The Hundreds carries the same spirit in its clothing. Skaters and surfers provide the inspiration for one of the realest street clothing brands out there. Their Rosewood collection bore the address of their LA store and that spirit of repping your ends is something that The Hundreds take seriously.

These are our picks for some of the best street clothing brands around. Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.