The Best Rap Battle Leagues On The Internet

The Best Rap Battle Leagues On The Internet

The Best Rap Battle Leagues On The Internet

There is no need doubting it. Hip-hop is one of the most important genres in the entertainment business today. A genre that leaves focus on the charged energy of phrases and stories is here to stay, and it has changed hip-hop into a swagged way of life.

Since the beginning of hip-hop with pioneers such Russell Simmons, Run DMC among others, the genre was used to create attention to exactly what the youth practiced in the street.

Battle rap was started in New York City and would consist of a few mc’s seeking to expose the weaknesses and insecurities of the opponent.

Battle rapping turned culture became as popular as a global interest. These days, there are many more battle leagues across the U.S. than elsewhere. Below are some of the best rap battles ever:

King Of The Dot

Set up in 2008 by Organik and Ryan PVP, King of The Dot quickly became Canada’s foremost rap battle league. Popularly recognized for the place where Canibus forgot his rhymes on stage, King Of The Dot has hosted events for fight raps featuring top performers for a long time. With hosts like Drake and Method Man over the years, King of The Dot has attracted a lot of attention.

URL Television

URL TV is a prominent rap fight competition that has gained global recognition, with millions of supporters and counting.

Their origin is as simple as it is real. URL founder Smack started out shooting rap battles on a mini-DV camera and offering the tapes for sale in New York City bodegas.

Today, Smack is the host of URL television, and it is backed up by Diddy, Exclusiv Vodka and entertainers that spread throughout the music industry.

This competition has high stakes. The champion of the rap battles takes home anything between 5k-10k for a job done well.

Queen Of The Ring

Queen of the Ring is the first female rap competition ever and is hosted by Babs Bunny. The former artist for Bad Boy Records helms the competition which began in 2010 and has seen some of the most interesting female MCs around come through its doors.


Grindtime is among the most progressive rap battle leagues that is prominently found in Los Angeles. Recently it broke the news and major headlines when Cadalak Ron reportedly shot heroin into his arm during the rap battle.

While Grind Time used to be one of the biggest rap battle leagues around, they’ve focused more on their L.A. division recently.

Don’t Flop

The U.K has had a decently big battle rap scene for a long time. Don’t Flop is one of the biggest. As well as including some of Britain’s best battle rappers, they also set up battles between international artists. The inclusion of the 

Lord Of The Mics

U.K hip hop found its feet early on in with the Lord Of The Mics league. Almost everyone in the early days of Grime came up in Lord of The Mics. The organiser, Jammer, is one of the biggest names in Grime not only for his own music but also for the impact of the league. While the event only happens a year, it’s been an important one since the beginning.

These are some of the best rap battle leagues around today. Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.



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