Shots Fired, Felony Charges, Why Did Migos Jump Se...

Shots Fired, Felony Charges, Why Did Migos Jump Sean Kingston?

And what does it have to do with Soulja Boy?

A day after appearing on Ellen, Migos have set out to prove they’re still in the game by apparently jumping Sean Kingston. Police were called after shots were fired during the altercation after a fashion show in Las Vegas.

Kingston spoke out about his side of the events to Las Vegas Now. Weirdly enough the whole thing apparently comes down to Soulja Boy. Kingston claims that Migos facetimed him while he was inside the Sands Expo and Convention Centre and asked him to come outside, claiming they missed him.

He went outside with two friends and was immediately jumped by a group of nine men he says included the three members of Migos. According to Kingston, one shot was fired by an associate of his to get the group off him and that’s where the fight ended. The associate, Moises Johnson was booked for his role in the shooting and faces felony charges for apparently pointing his gun at three people.

Migos and Soulja Boy have had beef for a while now and this latest situation seems to be a result of that. Despite being close to Migos in the past, Kingston says that his relationship with Soulja Boy is what caused it.

Whether or not King Draco will be throwing himself heavy into another beef remains to be seen. He’s got some free time in his beef schedule with Chris Brown refusing to fight him.

In the meantime, reminisce on when everyone was friends with ‘We Ready’ belo. We’ll keep you updated on the situation and any beef that doesn’t involve Soulja Boy as soon as one happens.



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