Where To Buy Air Jordans Online

Where To Buy Air Jordans Online

Where To Buy Air Jordans Online

Before you buy cop sneakers online, you have to be sure you’re buying from the right source. Take your time, do your research and save yourself that unhappy feeling of getting scammed.

Make sure the store has a large stock, a refund policy, and adequate customer support. If you’ve even wondered where to buy Air Jordans online, follow our list below to see the best stores catering to your needs.

Flight Club

Everyone knows Flight Club so this entry isn’t reinventing the wheel. Thinking of the best resellers and retailers? Flight Club is a sure bet. Flight Club’s prices can get pretty high but that’s not without reason. You’re getting what you pay for, and with total peace of mind that the incoming sneaker is 100% authentic. Flight Club delivers a decent selection of current and previously available Air Jordans so you get a lot of choice for a safe option. If you want to find where to buy Air Jordans online but don’t want to spend time trawling for offers, Flight Club’s your best bet.

Flight Skool Shoes

If you’ve ever been to this particular store, you know that Flight Skool know their kicks. More importantly they know their Jordans. They feature some very rare Jordans that you cannot easily find elsewhere. If you’ve missed a previous release, Flight Skool is a good bet to find them.


If you got lost in the crush looking for a particular release, don’t worry; KC got your back. Kicks Crew manage to surprise with the sneakers that they bring in after you thought they were gone. Once you place your order, you will be amazed at the delivery speed. They’re cost-effective, in the sense that their products are cheaper, unlike other retailers like eBay and FlightClub. If you’re looking for where to buy Air Jordans online, Kick Crew is like that street seller with an enchanted monkey paw. Who knows why the deals are so good and do you really want to know?


A popular retail name in the Jordan World, Kixify is your home for latest released products. They’re quick to update and even though they sell at prices a little higher than others, it is still within range of affordability. Kixify simplifies searches by systematic arrangement of products so you can shop with ease.

Launched in 2013, and featured on Wall Street Journal, Kixify keep up by always having something you want. Kixify also features some rare, vintage sneakers you won’t find elsewhere.


StockX was the first sneaker stock market to hit the world. It features a live BID/ASK marketplace. A prospective buyer places his bid and the seller places ask. BID is the amount the buyer is willing to pay, while ASK is the price at which the seller is willing to sell. Once both seller and buyer agree to a specified price, the transaction starts automatically. All sneakers sold through StockX are carefully scrutinized by their team of experts to ensure 100% authenticity. 

Deciding sneaker prices by a stock market hasn’t kicked off as a mainstream deal yet. However, StockX has an active enough community to make it worth checking out.


Osneaker has been around for years now and focuses only on rare Jordans. Looking for something classic, exclusive, vintage or rare, check Osneaker. Being exclusively into repping Jordans, Osneaker know their market well so they’re the place to go if you want a specific pair of kicks.

The Sneaker Authority

For a relatively small store,  TSA have a surprisingly big supply of kicks. Their Air Jordan supply in particular has a lot to offer. Little wonder they go by the name “Sneaker Authority.” They are among the best-stocked store, with pretty decent prices compared to other sellers.

These are some of the best choices of where to buy Air Jordans online. Where do you cop from? Let us know in the comments.



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