What Is A German Whip? A Guide To Slang You Hear I...

What Is A German Whip? A Guide To Slang You Hear In Grime

What Is A German Whip? A Guide To Slang In Grime

Grime has no shortage of slang. Even if you know your way around London, the second someone gets on a track it seems like they double down on the slang. London’s a melting pot with terms coming from Afro-Caribbean, Chinese, Irish, Middle Eastern and American origins. That’s not even including London’s own slang where there’s a 50/50 shot that the word ‘apples’ means literal apples or stairs.

What are Creps? What is a german whip? Check our list below and get up on everything you didn’t understand in grime tracks.


To allow something is to stop it or not have anything to do with it.


Sketchy, suspicious or obvious. If you act suspicious you’re acting bait.

Baiting someone out means naming them for something they did.

Bust Case

If you bust case you leave somewhere.

Cotch, Cotching

Cotching is relaxing or being comfortable.

Choong, Peng, Piff

These can mean anything good, but usually refers to girls. Food can be peng but if you say a person is peng or piff you’re saying they’re attractive not just good at what they do.


Creps is the most common term for sneakers. See Crep Protect or The Chicken Connoisseur’s Crep Check at the start of his videos.

Crow, Cheese, Peng, Piff

All of these mean weed, they’re more or less interchangeable. Piff and Peng mean ‘good’ but with every Shotta saying their weed is peng, the meaning has shifted a bit.

Dench,  Hench

If you’re in proper good shape you’re dench. This means muscles more than anything. Hench comes from the word henchman with Dench being Lethal Bizzle’s addition to the language.

Drape, Draped

Getting draped means to get attacked. Generally getting your ass kicked randomly but it doesn’t always have to be random.

Duppy, Murk, Slew

If you slew something, you kill it. These get rinsed out on songs because it can mean killing someone in your music or in reality.

Ends, Manor, Bits

These all mean your area. Similar to how Americans use hood.


Gas can be a good or a bad thing. It generally means hype but there’s a big difference between chatting gas and being gassed. Chatting gas means you’re talking shit but being gassed just means being excited about something.

German Whip

A German Whip is a german car, usually something like a Mercedes or BMW. When Meridian Dan released his track ‘German Whip’ the term entered the vocabulary as its own term.

The track was popular but became a joke when P Money dissed one of the tracks featured artists, Big H. He went after the fact that H drove a Peugeot 206 despite claiming he drove luxury cars. The line turned into a meme with ‘See man driving a german whip’ becoming ‘See man driving a 206’.

Hard food, light food

Food means drugs, you can guess what hard and light mean.

Heat, Leng, Mash, Tool, Ting, Skeng, Strally, Strap

Gun- These are mostly interchangeable but context is a big clue. ‘Ting’ is the vaguest term as it can mean pretty much anything like ‘Jawn’ in Philadelphia.

Mandem, Gyaldem

A group of men and women respectively. More likely something you’ll say about a group you’re a part of or respect than just any group of people.

Par, Parred Off

Parring someone off is insulting them or taking the piss out of them. This can be as a joke but generally parring someone off is disrespecting them.

Boying someone off is similar to this but not used as much.


To rinse something essentially means to get the best value or use out of it. Rinse is also one of the biggest grime radio stations around along with Deja Vu.


Being shook is being scared. In some places it means badly hungover but you can assume it to mean scared unless it’s clearly meant otherwise.


Sket’s a pretty harsh term that means the same as slut. Not one to throw around if you don’t want a slap.


‘What’s going on? Sometimes heard with a hard ‘R’ like ‘Wagwarn’ if you’re talking to older heads.


This one is sometimes used to mean your ends but it means your house.

For anyone who’s ever had to ask ‘What is a german whip?‘ this is our list of slang you’ll hear in Grime. What did we miss? Let us know in the comments.



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