The Full List Of Every Rapper Eminem Has Beefed Wi...

The Full List Of Every Rapper Eminem Has Beefed With

The Full List Of Every Rapper Eminem Has Beefed With

Eminem has never been one to shy away from taking people on. His history of feuds makes the Drake V Meek Mill beef look like a joke. He’s had a long career as a career ender and it’s been a long time since anyone has really tried to come at Em. Here’s a look back at every rapper Eminem has gone up against.

Ja Rule

Eminem’s beef with Ja Rule started out as 50 Cent’s beef. 50 and Ja had a past with 50 punching Ja Rule on one occasion and getting stabbed by one of Ja’s associates on another. When 50 Cent signed with Eminem and Dr. Dre, Ja Rule warned them not to let 50 release a diss track about them.

In response to the rapper Eminem recruited Busta Rhymes for the track ‘Hail Mary’ with him and 50 Cent. The trio attack Ja Rule, referring to him as a fake Tupac. They followed up with the track ‘Bodyguard’ with Obie Trice.

The beef took a much more serious turn for Eminem after Ja Rule named his daughter on the track ‘Loose Change’.

“Em you claim your motha’s a crack head, Kim’s a known slut
so whats Hailie gonna be when she grow’s up?”

Em didn’t take well to this, responding with a series of disses. Most notable was ‘Doe Rae Me’ with D12 and Obie Trice which largely settled the beef. Ja Rule didn’t come out looking hugely credible, especially after he turned on Nas who had sided with him.

Royce Da 5’9″

Fellow Detroit rappers Em and Royce were by all accounts friendly until Dr. Dre and Royce’s manager Kino Childers began having issues with each other. Royce took the side of his manager and signed to Tommy Boy Records. After signing to the label, he distanced himself from Eminem to work on his Rock City album. Despite giving a spot on his Anger Management tour to the rapper Eminem was left looking for a replacement hypeman when Royce pulled out.

Royce then submitted a verse to The Anger Management Mixtape with the lines ‘Fuck Anger Management/ I need someone to manage my anger’. Eminem and his group D12 took this as a direct shot at the events of the tour.

D12’s ‘Smackdown’ and Royce’s ‘Shit On You’ added fuel to the fire. This all culminated in the arrests of Royce and D12 member Proof during a brawl outside a club.

After Proof was killed in 2006 and Eminem came out of rehab, the pair squashed their beef. Royce apologised on the track ‘Move On (Remix)’ with his group Slaughterhouse. Despite his beef with the rapper Eminem signed the group to Shady Records. The pair eventually formed the duo Bad Meets Evil and have been recording together since then.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

Eminem and Mariah Carey’s feud got the most mainstream publicity because both artists were so big. Although Mariah isn’t a rapper Eminem spent a while on the beef and the inclusion of rapper Nick Cannon makes it count. The feud began after Carey denied dating Eminem which he addressed on the track ‘Superman’. She responded with the song ‘Clown’.

During Eminem’s Anger Management tour he reportedly played voicemails of Carey onstage before breaking into his track ‘Puke’. There were returns of fire from both camps which lead up to Eminem ending it by releasing the track ‘The Warning’. On the track he throws out details of their relationship before saying that he has proof he’ll release if they don’t back off. The warning worked with neither Cannon or Carey dissing Eminem again.


Probably the saddest story of a rapper Eminem has destroyed. Canibus had a promising career ahead of him until he started beefs with people like LL Cool J. Canibus had built up a lot of goodwill underground but it didn’t last long when he started going after OGs in the game.

The beef between Canibus and Eminem began IN 1998. Canibus and Wyclef Jean confronted Eminem to ask if he had ghostwritten the lyrics to LL’s ‘The Ripper Strikes Back’ a diss track about Canibus. According to Eminem, Canibus was rude even after he denied it.

A year later he attempted to get Eminem on his track ‘Phuk U’. Em turned down the feature as he wasn’t a fan of the beat. This apparently didn’t sit well with Canibus who spent a while essentially trying to force Eminem to be his friend.

Eminem released Slim Shady LP in 1999 and Canibus was among those he name dropped on it. The name check wasn’t a diss but it seemed dismissive. Canibus addressed EM again after The Marshall Mathers LP dropped in 2000. He took the story of the track ‘Stan’ and continued it himself. ‘Stan Lives’ contained his version of events where he saved the character Stan and then addresses Eminem.

“You see there’s a little bit of Stan in all of us
Tell me where you think all of these record sales sparred from
Talking ’bout Britney and Christina Aguilera
N’sync too, have you ever looked in a mirror?
Your hair ain’t really blonde, and ya eyes ain’t blue
So never diss me, cuz when you diss me you’re dissin you..”

Canibus included a few more skits on the C True Hollywood Stories album with the character of Stan. This prompted a response from Eminem who sent a number of obvious and lowkey disses Canibus’s way on various tracks.

With no response from the rapper Eminem kept dissing him until Canibus released MicClub: The Curriculum. He went for Em on the track ‘Dr C Phd’ and Eminem responded the following year with ‘Can-I-Bitch’. That seemed to put it to bed with Canibus turning around and giving Em props during his beef with Benzino. It was too late though. Canibus had lost the battle and his credibility not only because of this beef but by burning many of his bridges in the game.


Benzino and Eminem’s beef kicked off in 2003 but it started around 2000. Benzino was secretly the co-owner of The Source Magazine, the leading hip hop magazine at the time. The Source gave The Marshall Mathers LP 2/5 when it released which got a huge negative response from Eminem as well as fans.

The rating was later changed to a 4/5 but the damage had already been done. In 2003, Benzino released ‘Pull Up Your Skirt’, a diss track aimed at Em. The track ironically accused Eminem of being a tool of the music industry despite claims that soon emerged that Benzino was using the magazine to secure himself recording contracts. Despite his albums flopping, Benzino was continually signed to contracts with new labels.

In response to the rapper Eminem released ‘Nail In The Coffin’ and ‘The Sauce’ claiming that Benzino only attacked him to get publicity for an album release. Not only did Benzino lose the beef himself, he also lost it for The Source which soon took a dive as it lost credibility with everyone.

This is the list of every rapper Eminem has beefed with. Which beef did you think was the best? Let us know in the comments.



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