Migos Apologize To Makkonen ‘We Love All Peo...

Migos Apologize To Makkonen ‘We Love All People’

The trio say they wish he never had to hide himself

Following an interview with Rolling Stone, Migos have apologised for their comments about Atlanta hip hop artist iLoveMakkonen. The group are currently riding high off the success of Culture. When questioned about their thoughts on Makkonen revealing his sexuality they didn’t take to it well. According to Quavo, “he first came out talking about trapping and selling Molly, doing all that.”

It’s not an uncommon sentiment in hip hop as ridiculous as it is. Apparently being gay and trapping are exclusives, pick one or the other. There’s really no excuse for the sentiment, especially with Takeoff quoted as saying ‘This world is not right,’ in response to hearing about the support Makkonen got online.

They’ve dampened criticism by releasing a statement taking Makkonen’s side. It might not silence everyone but best case you can chalk it up to a kneejerk reaction and get back to Culture.



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